Yacko – The Experiment (2013)

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1. Filthy Rich (feat. Lawrence Philip)
2. Heartbreaker (feat. Male & Raben RVMIT)
3. Sound of Revolution (feat. Heruwa)
4. Booyaka (feat. Random)
5. Searchin’ (feat. Osvaldo Nugroho & Dixie)3
6. Drop the Beat Down (feat. Akira As Astronaughty)
7. Can U Handle Me (feat. Liquid Silva)
8. Bigger Than Oprah
9. Get It Poppin (feat. Electro Oby)
10. Brappp 2.0
11. Dancing in the Rain (feat. Midnight Quickie)
12. Ink & Paint (feat. Random)
13. All Night Long (feat. Lloyd Pop & Davina Extra Large)

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